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Submarine Cables: Heart of The Internet

Today more than half of the world population uses the internet in some form or another. You also have access to the internet otherwise, you won’t be reading this article. This site’s servers are...

Story on the Rise of the USA

  A brief story about the rise of the USA from a colony of the British empire to a great power. via Rise of The USA, The most powerful country in the world —...

Facebook Reports Progress in Removing Extremist Content

Facebook Reports Progress in Removing Extremist Content

Facebook said on Wednesday that it was removing 99 percent of content related to militant groups Islamic State and al Qaeda before being told of it, as it prepared for a meeting with European authorities...

iPhone X

Meet iPhone X

Apple on 12 September announced a new smartphone iPhone X celebrating the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone. According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, this is the future of smartphone....

Apple Watch (Smartwatch)

Guide for a Perfect Smartwatch

Meta description preview: Smartwatch is a complex modern gadget and selecting one for yourself may be challenging. Here is a guide to find your perfect smartwatch.