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Virtual Reality headset by Oculus

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the next big thing. It is a technology on which companies like Facebook, Google, and Samsung, are betting big. These companies are so much excited about it, that they have invested...

3D Printer at work

What is 3D Printing and its applications?

3D Printing is a relatively new technology, which has the capability of changing the world. It is one of the most disruptive technology in development today. Now, this technology has started to reach some...

Solar Roof installed

Tesla’s Solar Roof

Tesla unveiled Solar Roof in October of last year, and May of this year it started taking orders for it. After only 16 days, Tesla’s Solar Roof was sold out well into 2018. What...

Samsung Logo

Samsung to overtake Apple in profits

Samsung is set to overtake Apple in operating profits for the first time this year. This would make Samsung the largest tech-company when measured according to profits. Samsung reported a record operating profit of...

Liuzhou Forest City

China is building a Forest City in Liuzhou

The Chinese city of Liuzhou is planning to create a city from the ground up, which will not only provide accommodation to its residents but will also fight pollution. Liuzhou Forest City designed by Stefano...

Phonebloks Modular Phone Concept

Where are Modular Smartphones?

When Google announced Project ARA, it created a buzz and sparked a conversation about modular phones, but since Google I/O 16, we have not heard anything new about them from Google. Read the article to know more about modular phones.