Samsung to overtake Apple in profits

Samsung is set to overtake Apple in operating profits for the first time this year. This would make Samsung the largest tech-company when measured according to profits.

Samsung reported a record operating profit of 14 trillion won ( US$12.4 billion) in the second quarter of 2017, which is a good news, showing signs of a revival of its image. Samsung needed a boost, as the previous year was one of the worst in its history, taunted by exploding Galaxy Note 7 and its massive recall.

The increase in profits will surely give a sigh of relief but not as much as needed because the massive increase in profits is not due to its smartphone business, but due to its semiconductor chip business. The semiconductor industry is booming and, with a continuous rise in demands for electronic goods, there are no signs of stagnation, as a result, Samsung’s revenues will continue to grow.

Although Galaxy S8 received positive reviews, people still remember Note 7 and it will take more time to forget about it. Samsung may want us to think about S8 as a revolutionary device but, is it?. Except for the enlargement of screen real-estate and under the screen buttons not much has changed. It still features only single back camera unlike Apple’s iPhone 7 which sports dual back cameras.

This year may be good for Samsung as a company but not for its vice-chairman Lee Jae-yong who has been charged with bribery.

Aftab Alam

Editor at Verit Nation.

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