Tesla’s Solar Roof

Solar Roof installed
Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla unveiled Solar Roof in October of last year, and May of this year it started taking orders for it. After only 16 days, Tesla’s Solar Roof was sold out well into 2018.

What is Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Solar Roof by Tesla is a fancy looking roof tile, which also generates electricity. According to  Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the solar roof needs to be better than conventional roofs. It should look better, last longer and have better-insulating capacity. Additionally, the ultimate cost of the roof over years will be less than traditional roofs, as it will also generate electricity.

Test video in which an object is thrown at three different roof tiles. First is Tesla’s roof tile and others are conventional ones. See how they fare.

Tesla’s Master Plan

Tesla’s master plan is to electricize everything. It has three main components:

  1. Generation: Electricity generation through renewables especially Solar, which it wants to achieve with Solar Roof.
  2. Storage: Storing the electricity generated through renewables. Telsa have Powerwall for this.
  3. Transport: Electric transport vehicles. Tesla has already revolutionized the electric car industry, especially with Model 3.

Pros of Solar Roof

  • Generates electricity, which traditional ones don’t.
  • It is stronger. If you have seen the video above, you won’t doubt.
  • Infinite Warranty. Tesla gives a warranty of up to the lifetime of your house on the roof tiles.


  • Expensive. Although, it will more than cover the cost in terms of electricity savings.
  • Only applicable for tilted roofs.

Solar roofing is not a new concept. Traditionally, solar panels are put on top of traditional roofing, this combination is called as Rooftop Photo Voltaic System. This method can be used for both flat and tilted roofs. If somebody already has a roof in good condition, then it would be better to put traditional Rooftop Solar, as replacing it with a Tesla’s Solar Roof will be costly and not environment-friendly.

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