What is Net Neutrality and why should you care?

Net Neutrality

If you read the news, then you have probably heard about Net Neutrality. Maybe you are worried, and you should be. It is the base on which our modern, online and connected world is standing. If you remove it, then what is left there is monopolies and oligarchies.

What is Net Neutrality?

When you connect your devices(smartphone, laptops etc.) to the Internet, then basically you are connecting your devices to your ISP(Internet Service Provider)’s servers, which routes your data through the internet. The ISPs may be your SIM card provider or broadband connection provider depending on how you are connecting to the internet. Now, when you open a website or do any internet using activity, then you will get the same speed, irrespective of the sites you are visiting or services you are using. This means that the ISPs aren’t discriminating one website or service over other. This nondiscrimination of your internet speed, whatever you might be using is Net Neutrality.

What happens when there is no Net Neutrality?

When there is no Net-Neutrality, then your ISP can throttle up the speed you get for a website or can decrease it. This will result in some websites loading slower than others. Now, ISPs can charge the websites and increase the maximum speed the user gets on the websites which agrees to pay and decrease for the websites which don’t. For example, the website of local companies which don’t pay the ISPs will load slower than their bigger counterparts, who have the funds necessary to pay them.

Why should you care?

Websites are a major source of income for many, and many products and services which has become an integral part of our lives like, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp etc, started and still run online. These companies are here, in part, due to Net Neutrality. If, Facebook had to pay to the ISPs, for getting the same speed as MySpace, which happened to be the largest social networking site at the time of Facebook’s founding, then we might even not know about Facebook at this time.

When innovation is rewarded, we get new and exciting products and services, which we didn’t had in the past. If net neutrality is removed, then this would be a impediment in innovation. Most innovators won’t have the funds necessary to pay the ISPs in order to reach more people. Money which could be spent on developing solutions for the problems which exists, would be needed for paying the ISPs. This would be a serious misuse of much needed funds. And that’s why you need to care about net neutrality.

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